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Geopal System A/S
is located in Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen. Geopal management structure is based on a level organisation's principal with a direct internal communication Network, which makes us very flexible and efficientre garding solutionsand service. We focus a greatdeal on people, whetherit's our customers, employeesor partners. By working to gether we at Geopal can find solution sandre move obstacles, thus creating tailor made products for our customers. The combined qualifications and expertise of the collective staff enable us to be professional consultant sandreli ables parring partners for our clients.


Geopal System's new product range is designed for the marine market, CE compliantand in accordance with MED directive 961981.
Gas detection is very important in the maritime transport industry, dueto closed water tigh tenvironments such as machine room sandvari ous freight storage sand gas tanks. These applications go for long periods of time with out ventilation and are likely to contain potenti all ytoxi corexplosive gases.
Effective oxygen detection is critical in confined spaces. The lack of oxygen aboard a ship normally occurs due tooxygen enrichment (rust), organic oxygen consumption (grain transport) or the displacement of gas by other gases (inert gases aboard oil tankers).
Explosive and toxic gases come from the metabolism of mold - CO2 detection in ballast tanks, explosive hydrocarbon vapors issued from the burning of fuel (machine rooms), hydrogen (battery-charging rooms), ammonia orfreon (cold rooms), H2S (waste water) etc... Additionally, risks related to gas mixture sare always possible, and a continu ous and simultane ous gas detecti on system should be implemented for any Work being carried out aboard the ship.
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                                                                               Geopal System A/S
                                                                                                Since 1985, Geopal System A/S has designed, produced
                                                                                                and serviced alarm systems for professional detection of
                                                                                                gases, vapour sandtoxic, fumes. Our wide product range
                                                                                                is focused on efficient protection of the industrial work
                                                                                                environment. Optimal reliability and stability, along with
                                                                                                continuity in our product programme, are primary objectives for development and production at Geopal. All our processes are DS/EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, and we meet all requirements regarding documentation, registration and traceability. Geopal product sare noted for their top quality standards. Several products have been approved by the Danish Institute of Fire Safety Technology (DBI) as well as DEMKO/UL, andhavebeen ATEX-certified for production.